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Extra TV Points

Add extra TV outlets to your home.

Sockets are designed in different types  depending on your building structure.

Phased Array Tv antenna

Antenna Installation

A digital TV antenna is installed to suit your local area, transmission tower, bandwidth and frequency. The mounting setup depends on your building structure and availability to best signals.
Kingray Masthead Amplifiers

Masthead Amplifiers

Masthead amplifiers (also known as boosters) can be installed to improve reception from signal loss in your system & in low or fringe signal areas. Your installer will advice you of the correct type for your situation.
Pixelation of TV channel

Interference Solutions

There can be many causes of interference to your antenna system. Pixelating channels can also be the result of interference from an external or internal source. Your technician will advise you of the correct solution to your system. 

Signal Survey & Analysis

Signal Surveys

Digital meters are used to detect terrestrial signal levels out in the field, they deliver an accurate reading of how channel frequencies are performing in your area.
Digital Set top Box & lead connection

Digital box & cable setup.

We supply digital boxes for any TV still using an analogue tuning system.
We can also supply and setup any standard cables required for your entertainment equipment.

* A small percentage of areas on the Gold Coast are in geographical blackout or drop out zones, results are subject to availability of signal from a local transmitter.

Below are links for free to air transmission towers & coverage in the Gold Coast and surrounding areas.

* If our technicians results from testing equipment determine that you are experiencing significant signal and/or interference problems or simply cannot solve the problem due to a geographical disadvantage, the government website Department of Communications may be able to assist. Link provided below.